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Surian Homestay Bandar Penawar

Selamat datang ke Surian Homestay. Kami menawarkan kemudahan homestay untuk anda menginap sekiranya anda memerlukan rumah untuk sementara d...

Friday, February 6, 2015

Surian Homestay Bandar Penawar

Selamat datang ke Surian Homestay. Kami menawarkan kemudahan homestay untuk anda menginap sekiranya anda memerlukan rumah untuk sementara diduduki Desaru Bandar Penawar. Homestay kami berdekatan dengan toll Desaru. Sangat mudah untuk dicari sekiranya anda sampai di sini.

Homestay kami mempunyai kelengkapan seperti aircond,water heater,dapur,mesin basuh,television,kipas angin dan lain-lain lagi. Aircond hanya terdapat di bilik utama dan bilik tengah manakala bilik belakang dilengkapi dengan kipas siling. Water heater hanya terdapat di bilik utama sahaja.

Ketahui jarak lokasi yang anda hendak tuju dari Surian Homestay

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Papa Mama Homestay, Desaru, Bandar Penawar, Kota Tinggi

Welcome to Desaru Utama Homestay, Bandar Penawar, Kota Tinggi
(Available for RENT)

Desaru Utama Homestay is a comfortable and clean guesthouse located in the park near the Desaru Utama and Tanjung Balau tourism, and education centers.

Some of the most popular in Desaru is Lotus Desaru tourism Water Theme Park, Bujang Firefly, Desaru Ostrich Farm Teluk Ramunia, Desaru Fruit Farm, Tanjung Balau Fishermen Museum and Crocodile Bay sting. Rows of Tanjung Balau, Desaru and beautiful Batu Layar can also captivate tourists to come here.

We are offering homestay for vacation, tourism, wedding entourage, family event, course and training, visit children in study center and others purpose.

Our homestay have 3 room and 2 bathroom (air conditioner for all bedroom) . 

Living room


Kitchen space

 Jika Berminat sila hubungi kami ; 
En Nizar -0127416870 (whatsapp)
 Alamat kami : No.40 jln Cengal 2, Taman Desaru Utama, 81930 Bandar Penawar, Johor.

A - Homestay location
B - Lotus Desaru
C - Desaru Beach
D - Batu Layar beach
E - Tanjung Balau beach

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Bandar Mas homestay kota tinggi johor

Our new homestay located in Bandar Mas have 3 room, 2 bathroom, 2 toilet and 2 air conditioner for 2 bedroom provided. Very huge space can be filled for 2 big family in 1 house.

View from front of house

Master bedroom

2nd bedroom

3rd bedroom

Kitchen space, washing machine and freezer provided

Very comfortable living room

Tv provided with astro Injoy

View middle of house

Also have barbeque set


Iron, rice cooker, electric kettle, toto and prayer carpets provided

Address : No 5 , Jln Berlian Bandar Mas , 81900 Kota Tinggi Johor
Check in : 14:00
Check out : 12:00

Contact us : 
  • En Norman - 0197111024
A - Homestay location
B - Lotus Desaru
C - Desaru Beach
D - Batu Layar beach
E - Tanjung Balau beach

Pantai Desaru (16 km)
TG. Balau (15 km)
Lebuhraya Senai-Desaru (10 km)
Sek Sukan Bdr Penawar, SM Sains B.P, SMKA B.P(10km)
Kolej Profesional MARA B.Penawar(10 km)
Kolej Komuniti Bdr Penawar (10 km)
Institut Kemahiran Belia (10 km)
Felda Sg. Mas (2 km))
Felda Papan Timur(2 km)
Felda Semenchu (6 km)
Felda Air Tawar 5 (5 km)
Felda Air Tawar 4 (6 km)
Bandar Penawar (10 km)
Desaru Farm Fruit (9 km)
Teluk Sengat (12 km)
Kg. Johor Lama (Pusat Sejarah Kesultanan Johor)
RAPID Pengerang Via Sebana Resort(40 km)

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Lotus Desaru Water Theme Park

Malaysia; it’s the land where you can find the clearest water, and the land where one can simply take a day off with the perfect temperatures and the perfect resorts. One of the reasons one comes to Malaysia is because of the clear water resorts that one can enjoy. One of these Water Theme Parks is the Lotus Desaru Water Theme Park. It’s found along the east coast of Kota Tinggi and is among the most popular beach resorts in the area which attracts many tourists from around the world, and for all the right reasons.

With a 26km stretch of sandy beach, this resort gives one absolute peace away from the outside world and can refresh anyone coming here because of the facilities it provides. You can take a dip in their swimming pool, or you can do some water sports and play with your children as much as you want in the beach field as well as the Junior Club that it has meant for children. Children can also enjoy themselves in the arcade that it has full of games that will be great for keeping children preoccupied. So the kids will always have something to do, the beach itself is a great location for them to enjoy themselves.

For some of the adults, they have a gymnasium, karaoke room, internet room and many food and beverage outlets. Any tourist coming here will not get ever get bored, and the scenery itself will be enough to keep one preoccupied for at least a couple of days. You can even make your own BBQ in a D.I.Y BBQ area. They even have a paintball target shooting court, which is absolutely perfect for any young adult or even the older teenager who want to have fun.

The Lotus Group, the owner company of this theme park, has won many awards for the quality of the business that they run, and have a reputation for providing the best quality, the best hygiene as well as the best customer service that anyone can possibly provide. 

There’s a reason this is one of the most popular tourist locations in all of Malaysia, and it’s the very fact that it provides its customers with absolute peace, absolute solitude, which is exactly what they’re looking for in a vacation. They do not pester the costumers, they let them know that this is a place where they can have peace, where they can sit back and relax and enjoy the many facilities that offer. So in essence, if you want a blend of quality, care, solitude and a long sandy beach for you to enjoy yourself on, then this is probably the best beach resort that you can come to if you ever visit Malaysia.
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Desaru Ostrich Farm Teluk Ramunia

Ostrich farming is becoming an investment a lot of people are engaging in because it is very lucrative and simple to operate with the required information. The reason why this farming is getting popular around the world is because the meat is low in fat, have little cholesterol and calorie. It is better than chicken and beef when it comes to nutritional content. The leather of ostriches are very desirable which is soft and strong too with the unique quall patterns. A lot of the profit that is made in Ostrich farming comes from its leather sales.

A farm like Desaru Ostrich Farm Teluk Ramunia is one of the best in the world because of the way the farm is developed. These type of farms make use of every product that is gotten from ostriches in making life easier for mankind. The ostrich farming is more profitable than the farming cattle or poultry farming which is common around the world.  The information that is needed before a farm like this is set up should be put in consideration. 

Ostriches are fertile and can breed up to 40 young ones per annual with its gestation period at 42 days. The bird can live up to 30 years breeding and this is money for a farmer who is breeding these birds. It is in pairs or trios or even in colonies that these birds are bred. The male ostriches can serve up to three females which means that the males should be fewer in number than the females in a farm. 

Desaru Ostrich Farm Teluk Ramunia is a friendly environment for ostrich farming which is the reason why the farm is one of the best in the world.  With the way the farm is breeding ostriches, it has become clear that ostriches are not given hormones, steroids and antibiotics to grow, this makes them a very safe meat to eat. This does not mean that the ostrich farms do not encounter problems; they do but can be handled by a professional farmer with the support of a veterinary doctor.

There are facilities that are required before a farm like Desaru Ostrich Farm Teluk Ramunia  is set up.  A large farmland is important if for your birds.  This is going to be associated with areas for brooding, breeding, isolation pens and chicks grow out.  A reliable source of water supply is very vital for the survival of these birds. 

The ostrich can survive temperature that is high as 1000F which means they can be bred in desert environments. However, water is very important for these birds if you would want to make progress in your ostrich farming. The internet still have a lot of information on how to manage an ostrich farming for you before you get one started.
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Desaru Beach Has a Wide Range of Things to Do

If you are planning a beach vacation then you should at least consider Desaru Beach. Desaru Beach is a resort that is located on the coast of the south eastern Peninsular Malaysia, and it serves as the top transportation hub in the area.

If you are planning a trip to this area then you should make sure that you know what the climate is going to be like. This area, like much of the east coast of Malaysia, is a very seasonal location. If you plan on going between the timeframe of November and February then you can expect monsoon rains and even winds of this force as well. If you can’t make the trip at any other time of the year there are still a lot of good days with sunshine that you can visit the beach. Please note that during this time the waves are much higher so it could be a bit more dangerous for swimming. The season that is considered the good season is about April to October, however the busiest months are usually June to August because these are the nicest months to visit. The waters are calm and the sand is great during this time.

While the Desaru Beach is not a very well developed place in terms of the resort you won’t find yourself at a lack of things to do. You can walk along the beach which is very wide and has plenty of room to walk without being crowded. You can dip your feet in the clear water as you walk if so choose. Unlike many other beaches the entire beach is open to the public even the areas that are in front of hotels.

If you are feeling brave then you can take up snorkeling. The only problem is that if you choose to go snorkeling you can’t see the colorful fish and wide range of sea creature that you might elsewhere. You would have to go deeper into the water to see most of the creatures and fish that are at this beach, and sadly scuba diving is out of the questions in this area. If you really want to scuba dive you can take a trip out to one of the northern islands and scuba dive out there.

If the waves are on your side and the wind is good then you might want to try surfing. The lack of certain creatures like sharks and jellyfish make this a great location for surfing. If you go during December or January then the waves are almost always high, but the water will be a little cold, but it’s a fair tradeoff. No matter what your taste is there is something for you to do on Desaru Beach.
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The Secluded Vacation Spot of Batu Layar Beach

Batu Layar Beach is a beach that is very quiet and almost secluded. While it’s located close to Desaru it’s not nearly as busy as Desaru Beach. Batu Layar Beach is quiet enough that you can go for a picnic and have it be a nice quiet day out for you and your family. Or you can go for a swim without all the crowds that you might encounter at other beaches. Volleyball is very popular a long these beaches as well. Many times you will find a game that has already started and ask if you can join in.

If you are looking for a vacation spot that can provide good photographs for you to share with family and friends then you want to make sure that you come here. While the beach is rocky in some places and can be hard to walk on there are other areas in which the rocks provide a great photo opportunity. The rocks that protrude from the beaches can provide a nice image and keepsake from your vacation to Batu Layar Beach.

If after walking along the beaches you feel that you are tired and need to take a break or even take a nap there are many options available to you. You can go to the kampong of Malay that is located nearby or you can take a break on the beach. If you do choose to take a break on the beach just make sure that you apply the correct amount of sunscreen to ensure that you don’t get burned. Many people choose to just relax on the beach as the breeze can make a nice and relaxing atmosphere for one to nap in.

There are many guests that come here not for the water but for the beach itself. Since the water is not the best option for swimming because the rocks in the water can be dangerous and the surf is very dangerous not as many people come to this beach. If you are looking for a nice walk along the beach without the crowds then this is the perfect place for you. The beach is mostly quiet since there are very few if any swimmers in the water, so it’s perfect for a romantic picnic or walk on the beach.

There are many couples that will travel to this location for the purchase of having a romantic evening on the beach and dinner in the sand. The fresh air is crisp and clean and without the pollution of other places because of the secluded there are fewer people around to disturb you during your visit. No matter if you are looking for a nice romantic trip with your loved one or simply a quiet vacation with your family Batu Layar Beach is the place for you.
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